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New Boston College Hockey Uniforms


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New: L11121105D1-z_medium.jpg

Old: KucharskiDual.jpg

Another downgrade for BC sports at the hands of UA IMO. Their old uniform was a modern classic and looked great. This new uniform is simply awful, and it looks unfinished. UA's bizarre truncated stripes strike again, and they look even worse on a hockey jersey. On the sleeves they will probably put a number in the blank space, but I am baffled as to why there is a blank space in the middle of the waist stripes. They also truncated the sleeve stripes before the end of the sleeve, much like Auburn and BC's football pants by UA. I don't like how the gold portion on the color is much thinner than the maroon portion, as the gold will be difficult to see in action. The only improvement of these new uniforms is the removal of the black trim on the wordmark, and presumably the numbers, which muddled the look of both the wordmark and numbers. Overall, I suspect UA was trying to show off their new "innovative" hockey template with this new BC hockey uniform, but instead they just ended up creating an ugly hockey uniform.

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why would they just cover the stripes with a panel of fabric??? at least end the stripes underneath.

Agreed. That makes them look very cheap.

I can't tell if there's a logo or design of some sort in the arm white parts, between the lines.

I hope to god that's not just the sewing or glue.

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Cripes this is awful. I've always been partial to BC's uniforms despite my disdain for their general existence. Is UA's new shtick angling the end of their striping patterns? If so, stop, stop now.

As someone else said, at least the wordmark is an improvement...

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