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Charlotte NALL name-the-team contest


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From IL Indoor, the story of an unusually ambitious name-the-team contest for Charlotte's new indoor lacrosse franchise:

Charlotte?s ?Your NALL? program presents sixteen fully-branded videos, each featuring a different name and logo, in a single-elimination, head-to-head bracket competition, where two logos battle each day to advance to the next round. Fan voting determines which logo advances and which one is out. In the end, one name and logo will be crowned the fans? favorite and will be worn by the players and the organization. Registered voters also become automatically eligible to win prizes that include VIP passes to special events, exclusive merchandise and season tickets.

Apparently all candidates use "Charlotte", not "Carolina" as their location name.

Five of eight first-round matchups have already been voted on:

  1. Cougars def. Nitro
  2. Copperheads def. Fuel
  3. Monarchs def. Charge
  4. Mavericks def. Coyotes
  5. Miners def. Flight

The remaining first-round matchups are:

  1. Legion vs. Bricklayers
  2. Torque vs. Tide
  3. Energy vs. Rev

None of the logos look particularly inspired, but I fancy the "Copperheads" nickname myself.

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Torque vs. Tide is for another couple hours...right now it's 50% to 50%.

I want the Torque not only because it fits in, but for one other simple yet solid reason. No other team in any sport (major league, minor league, college, high school) has that nickname.

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Torque won its matchup. Now it's Rev vs. Energy.

Actually, that's not until tomorrow...right now it's Legion vs. Bricklayers. That said, Go Bricklayers! (for the same reasons as Torque)

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Can anyone post the logos of the previous matchups? Or atleast let me know how to find them, I'd be interested in seeing some of the losing logos. Thanks.

Here ya go...


Charlotte Copperheads



Copperheads vs. Torque-Miners winner

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Charlotte Nitro (lost to Cougars in first round)


Charlotte Coyotes (lost to Mavericks in first round)


Charlotte Fuel (lost to Copperheads in first round)


Charlotte Flight (lost to Miners in first round)


Charlotte Charge (lost to Monarchs in first round)


Charlotte Tide (lost to Torque in first round)


Charlotte Bricklayers (lost to Legion in first round)


Charlotte Rev (lost to Energy in first round)


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Based purely on the names, I'd have ranked the identities as follows:

1) Copperheads

2) Monarchs

3) Legion

4) Nitro

5) Cougars

6) Torque

7) Flight

8) Bricklayers

9) Miners

10) Coyotes

11) Mavericks

12) Fuel

13) Charge

14) Energy

15) Tide

16) Rev

Factoring in the existing logos that accompany the names (and one hopes that any of these will get a much-needed redesign by an accomplished branding professional), I'd have ranked the identities as follows:

1) Copperheads

2) Monarchs

3) Cougars

4) Torque

5) Coyotes

6) Mavericks

7) Flight

8) Energy

9) Rev

10) Fuel

11) Miners

12) Charge

13) Tide

14) Bricklayers

15) Legion

16) Nitro

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They all look like half-a$$ed logos. I wasn't the least bit impressed with any of them.

Maybe if they only had 4 options in the first place, they could focus on making the logos a little better.

AMEN! I was thinking the same thing. Torque is a unique nickname...but damn, that logo is a mess.

That copperhead looks like it has leopard spots.

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