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St. Louis Blues


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"Man, you've never been all that satisfied with the Blues look, even before the Edge jerseys."

"Yeah. Colors end up being too dark in actual use."

"Navy 3rds are still cool."

"Yeah. Not all that crazy about the crest, but it would work pretty well as a shoulder patch."

"Wouldn't it be great if those thirds informed a new jersey set, a la '98."

"A straight palette swap would work, but I'd like to see them get away from stripes on the cuffs."

"Sleeve stripes evoke our older jerseys. I'd be up for that. I bet you could let the striping on the navy inform a different look."

"Keep yellow to a minimum on the homes."

"It already is! Yellow's been minimized since the clown jerseys."

"Hmm. You're right. Why didn't I catch that? I'd still like to see the navy lightened up. And drop the Blue Note patches on the shoulders, they're barely there anyway."

"What if you only used sky blue as a base color on the homes?"

"So, the homes and roads would be identically striped with navy and yellow, but have different base colors?



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I think the blue homes need to be just a tad darker, and I'm sure someone will complain about that blue being nowhere on the road jersey, but I like it, and I like the thought process behind it.

Three ideas to play around with: Change the sleeve stripes on the third jersey to match the home and road completely (eliminate the white ends and make the last navy stripe white) or try change the home and road to match the third's stripes (giving them navy cuffs), and adding sky blue stripes to the white in the same places where you have the thin white stripes on the home (at either end of the sleeve stripes). Just thoughts, they might work, they might not.

Nice concepts.

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much better than the current regular sweaters

My suggestions:

1. On the home, have one shade of blue for the whole sweater. The hem being a different shade looks out of place.

2. On the home and away, eliminate one of the alternate logos. Three is too many. I think just having it on the pants would be fine.

Nice work.

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