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Utah Utes Logo Update Concept


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I've never like the feathers on Utah's logo. Ido love the fact that the University has eliminated the use of any older version of the Drum and Feather logo on merchandise and uniforms but I feel like it could stand for an update.



I'd love to hear some thoughts or critiques.

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Give me some type of special, stylized update of the "U" and I'd love it, but this is perfect as is.

I actually like the block "U". Sure, by itself there isn't anything that makes it stand out from other block "U" images...but I think it fits in nicely with the logo. LOVE the clean-up on the feathers. They should definitely move more towards this.

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How this went down: I looked at the two logos, and thought WTF did this jackass do to the Utes logo?! Mind you, this was at first glance. Unable to believe that they had something this horrid and I never noticed, I did a search.

Long story short: I can't believe this isn't already their identity-- and you fooled me in to thinking that you downgraded their logo. A backwards way to compliment someone, but hey, that means it's REAL good.

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I'll echo what others have said about the feathers: a nice clean update. Although you might not go with it in the end, I think it would be valuable to try some more stylized U's.

I believe he's playing the design in a realist manner...as in, altering the block U...the century old symbol of the university...would

be considered a capital crime in Salt Lake. Then again, he may just like the athletics block U, which is also acceptable.

The only thing that I think would improve his design or the original would be the addition of a thin border around the U (which appears on the helmet decal) and a smaller circle inside the drum surrounding the U (per the original Utah drum and feather).

ALL that said...if he wants to play with some new U's...I'd be interested to see what he could whip up.

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