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Tweaking the NHL


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I am going to tweak each NHL team's jerseys, starting with the Central Division

Detroit: Nothing too extreme, I kept the home and away the same, but added an alternate throwback.




Chicago: Like Detroit, nothing too new. I kept the home and away the same, too, because I think Chicago's unis are PERFECT. Although I like their current (but soon to be abolished) third, I went the simple rout, and made a black version of the home.




Columbus: These took some time to come up with something creative, but nothing too out of the ordinary. If you look closely enough, you can see Naval Stars in the hem and arm stripes (saluting the founder who served in the navy). Yes, I know the third looks like the rangers jersey, but I liked the design, so GET OVER IT.





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Now to the better, and more creative unis for this division (imo ofcourse).

St. Louis: By far my favorite of the division (and still is after the update :D ). The whole set is retro style, featuring the arch logo on the primaries and one of the old logos on the retro third.




Nashville: I really like the new template theyve implemented, but i HATE mustard yellow as a primary color, so I tweaked the home and away, and added a different third (thanks habsfan for the idea).





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Not a fan of the CBJ alt and the Blues regulars. The CBJ alt's colors look too different than the others, and the Blues regulars look too similar to the ones they have now (which I'm not a fan of because they took an awesome jersey and mucked it up when they switched to the edge jersey. I love that Blues 3rd jersey though, and the rest of them are solid. If I owned the Blues, I'd make the arch logo the home primary jersey and something close to your 3rd jersey as the third.

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here is 3/5 of the Pacific division:

Phoenix: I wanted to reincorporate the sand color in all three jerseys, i think thats what made their old jerseys unique, and original. In the third, i ditched the jumping coyote logo because it looks too clip-arty.




Dallas: Boy there are so many options for Dallas. I chose to incorporate a past design, while also modernizing it. Black jersey is moved to the alternate position and green takes over (youre welcome Dallas fans).




LA: I decided just to edgify the jersey they wore in the early 2000's, with some slight modifications. The retro throwback is kept around, too, as an alternate.




more to come soon, keep posted!

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That Coyotes alt is NOT working dude. At all. It's too gaudy-- and I understand references to this state's history-- but there's such thing as cliche, and that pattern is it. Almost as much as a kokopelli.

For Dallas, the stripes look funky on the Home jersey. I would recommend wrapping them around.

For the Kings, it's lack of attention to detail. Look at the colors. Purples don't match on the jersey and logo-- making the logo look almost royal blue.

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I really like the St. Louis uniform set you came up with. It's a nice mix of modern and retro.

I think your Dallas concept has potential too, but the home/away uniforms would be much better if the arm stripes went all the way around.

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