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Several MLB Concepts


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I'd thought I'd post several concepts I've been working on in one thread.

C&C appreciated.

Washington Nationals round 2: The first concept I ever posted a week or so ago was the Nationals. I got several good suggestions and decided to take another crack at them. I had an idea for a logo which included an outline of DC. It was suggested to make it a sleeve patch but it didn't work so well so I ended up basing some new ideas off of the DC flag. The other two concepts here are based off of the Nationals Park logo.


The 2nd concept I posted was of the Kansas City Royals. In hindsight, it wasn't very good. Here is another attempt, again based off of the All-Star game logo.


Cleveland Indians: I do NOT want to open any debates here about the Indians name and logo. But FWIW, my personal opinion is that the name Indians is ok but not Chief Wahoo. This logo combines the old "crooked C" with a feather.


Minnesota Twins: While I like the two guys shaking hands, I think the main Twins wordmark could be spruced up a bit. I don't like that it says "baseball club". Here are a few attempts at that. The home plate logo with the TC has the 10th street bridge behind it, which I believe is the same bridge in the twins shaking hands logo. This is the bridge immediately south of the new 35W bridge.


Reds: The two wishbone C logos attempt to combine the more traditional Reds logo with the modern wordmark. On the first logo, I chose tan as a background to represent the dirt of a ballfield. The 2nd logos are alternates which are modifications of the GABP inagural season logo. I'm just not a big fan of the baseball head guys.


Atlanta Knights: The final concept here is a modernization of the Atlanta Knights logo if/when an NHL or AHL team returned to Atlanta. The knight horse is based off of the NJ Knights logo from the WHA with several modifications.


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To be honest, the rendering on the royals and knights isn't good and the concepts aren't the best. The nationals and twins look great, I like just about all of them. The indiums needs to be cleaned up a bit, it is a little rough and it will be very good. The reds is also good but could be better if you clean it up more..

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I'm a long time Reds fan and the second logo is a big updgrade over the "Mr Red" one they currently have. Like you, I've never been a fan of the big baseball head guy! The design is excellent but the colors look a bit muddy to my eye. The red needs to be brighter, bolder with both of them.

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