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Huntsville Redeyes

missouri tigers

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Outfriggin-standing job!!

The one thing I would adjust is making the black outline a weeeee-bit thicker around the dorsal fin. Other than that I'm quite jealous :P

Some unis in the mix perhaps??

I see what you mean about the outline, and I'll fix that when I make my first revisions.

I made some uni's, but I wasn't happy with the way they turned out. (I hardly ever am)..... so I scrapped them


Thanks for the compliment, I'm a fan of your work too.

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Fantastic work and I like the team name. I've never heard of any team using that before.

The font doesnt seem to do the logo justice though. The fish has so much excellent detail but the font is kind of basic. Did you try adding an outline to the lettering? or did that not look good? Maybe putting more space between each letter could work.

Either way, the font thing is nit-picky and this would make an excellent minor league logo

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You all didn't give me very many suggestions, but I quess thats a good thing ^_^

Heres Version 2.0

I fixed the font to something that matches the general flow and edges of the rest of the logo

I also fixed up 5 or 6 other areas throughout the logo, and came up with another hat logo.


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Love the update. The fin really looks good this time around, and I think the font's working better. I'd lose the shading in the eye, however. It looks okay, but that effect isn't anywhere else, so I just don't think it's necessary.

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I hate to nitpick, but just because I think this is a great concept and deserves real attention:

The placement/sizing of the font is kind of off. It either doesn't curve proportionately or the sizing needs to be adjusted for it to flow with the plate behind it...that goes for both mascot and city name.

I don't think you need the white highlights behind the letters either, unless you are going to bring them out a bit more.

Your first attempt (again, focusing on wordmark) was better in font choice and placement...but still needed a little bit of tweeking.

Do you see what I mean?

I really like your original color scheme as well, that bright red (although an obvious choice) works well and pops here.

Great job!

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