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Sports Design on Twitter?


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Recently we've started a Twitter specifically for us, the designers, at the U of Illinois Athletic Dept. When I did so, I started searching, not just for designers to follow, but specifically Sports Designers OR people who frequently discuss it. Like a mini this board, really. I've found a handful, and been found by a few, but I'm figuring there's more out there and also that this is the best place to find them.

So who's got some good ones.

In the interest of this not being Spam, I'm not going to post the account we started just yet, but I'll list the good follows I've come across instead.

@sportslogosnet (the creator)

@ColorWerx (our own ColorWerx)


@sportdesign (Cleveland Browns designer)

@walkdesign (our own Walk Design)

@TheClinkRoom (the great Plan B Branding)

@Phoenix_pdwnyc (Phoenix Design Works)

@bema10 (49ers designer)

@chuckkacsur (Wizards/Mystics designer)








I'm also interested in other design related accounts, but sports design is obviously the focus. So who else you got?

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@BrandMooreArt (myself)

@ENOTSdesign (great illustrator, does a lot of sports stuff)


@FalconsCreative (Falcons CD)

@FalconsJGarand (Falcons designer)

@frazdav (Fraser Davidson)




heres some other designers



@obeygiant (Shepperd Fairey feed)












@tracytubera (fantasy factory/wild grinders)

@weskandel (former classmate blowing up in LA. very talented guy)

@mhstudios (another friend. very talented girl)

@behoff (one of the better web guys around)



@davidairey (must follow! the best)

@julie_lockwood (another full sail friend. amazing grunge artist)

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Thanks for the responses. Lots of good follows there.

I'll sneak mine in now. You can follow the Fighting Illini Designers @IlliniDesign (we just acquired this--previously we had the plurals designs), and me personally @jstriebel22.

I'm not new to Twitter, but just recently have I really started Tweeting normally (before I would just tweet questions to people and such). So I'm seeing where I can go with the Illinois account, and as I build my new portfolio page, I'm planning to do a lot more design tweeting from my personal account as well.

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