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Chix dig the longball


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Several years ago I came across one of high school athletics' more curious monikers, the Zeeland Chix. By the time I got around to putting out a concept for em, though, the school had changed its name to Zeeland East, as the town now had too many students for just one high school and had opened a second one, Zeeland West, whose teams are known as the Dux. So at the time, I decided to work on a logo I could easily see on a high school field. A few weeks ago, I decided to revisit it, and figured my old concept could use a few tweaks, and here we are.

As the old Maddux/Glavine commercial put it, Chix dig the longball


eh, I had no alt ideas, so I went without for now. Only thing I was thinking of was how I recall my school's baseball team had gold shirts as alts. Home's cream, road's tan.

Chix dig the ground game



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