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New Mets Blue Jerseys


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I've always loved the blue and I really want to see the racing stripe come back.

Modernized it a little, took a darker hue, and incorporated the most valued brand mark in the organization. I also threw in some Queens pride, which is seriously lacking. Best part is NO BLACK.

Pullovers forever.

Oh, and striped socks.



First submission. I don't think it's anything groundbreaking, but let me know your thoughts.

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Flags never work on jerseys that aren't national team jerseys. Plus you need one shoulder free for memorial patches and the like. The first version posted is, far and away, the best one. I like the reintroduction of the racing stripes. Just loose the flag.

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I miss the days when concepts were actual new designs and not copy/pastes of past logos onto a template.

The 1994 script with the tail was never received well, and I'm not sure why you'd bring it back. Logos with tails on v-necks really accentuate the softball look.

The white collar is really out of place. It should either be blue or orange.

Flags are not logos, and never look good on a jersey unless it's a National team - and even then not so much.

The MLB logo wouldn't be on the collar, because on a pullover, it's just a piece of elastic. It'd have to be moved down.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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