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The Evolution of Your Concepts


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I thought this would be a good idea for a thread. The purpose is to show how much your uniform and logo designs have improved over the years. It is suggested that you start by posting your first ever concept, and end with your latest or greatest concept, with a few (or several, if you like) others in between.

I'll post mine. First ever concepts:

They were all Teambuilder concepts for MLB teams in football uniforms. Looking back, these were pointless and had no creativity whatsoever.

My first Paint concept:


And this was on the second or third try. :wacko:

Later on there was this beauty :P :


Then there was my 'NCAA Teams Like Oregon' concepts. This Arizona concept was probably the best, and most extensive, thing I ever made:


Arizona was preceded by Arizona State. This is another concept I am fond of.

And then there were these 15-20 minute monstrosities....

These didn't get the best of reviews. But, looking back, the final product wasn't 100% awful (but the original concept was).


Finally, after a red Ravens concept, a failed attempt at an MLB series, and a Kansas City ASG concept that Chapeeko cleaned up for me, I came up with my latest idea, which is getting mixed reviews:


Overall, I think I've improved a lot, but am certainly still a lower tier designer on these boards.

So how have your concepts 'evolved'?

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These two I submitted to the DrawBrawl were pretty awful, and their not even my first concepts (those were deleted long ago). The last NFL ones are about the oldest concepts I still have. Yikes. I put my most recent baseball concept at the bottom for comparison.







EDIT: looking at it again...good god that San Diego alternate is hideous.

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Fun idea.

My first Redskins concept was... well...an experiment.

Shortly after, in November of 2010, I started up my NFL Redesign. I was using Inkscape. Here's an example. Ah such attention to detail.

For Christmas, I got Illustrator and Photoshop. I restarted my NFL Redesign in Illustrator in January with Washington, and have been slowly working through ever since.

I think it's astounding how much cleaner and detailed my concepts are now as opposed to even five months ago. I look at the Bills, from February, and I think WHAT WAS I THINKING with the terribly small stripes. I also look at a recent concept such as the Saints (June), or Patriots (July) and really feel my work has improved.

Now I'm working on my first real "rebrand" of logos, wordmarks, etc. I'm sure that come Christmas, I'll look at my most recent concepts and shake my head.

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Here's my first, which I lazily cobbled together for a local hockey team that I don't even like anymore. I loosely based it off the design of an old North Stars jersey, the font for the wordmark is Pirate Keg, and at the time I made it a wordmark because I lacked the knowledge and skill to chuck an actual logo together.


And for my most recent, which I actually put in a lot of time and effort, was an Anaheim Ducks rebrand.


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Designs in paper are counting too?

Of course.

And, patchey13, that dragon logo is gorgeous. I know it's a hockey concept, but if Charlotte, NC ever gets a MLB expansion team, I could really see that dragon like that working into a new, MLB-worthy Charlotte Knights design.

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Any tips for others looking to improve their game?

Research, research research, oh and research. Seriously if you're designing an animal or person based logo find the best source images you can, totally understand what you're trying to recreate. Only when you fully understand the subject can you distil it down to it's simplest form. If you start with a vague attempt at what you think it should look like then stylise that, you'll be left with a something pretty poor at best, and useless at worst. Same applies when it comes to uni's, research what has been done before so you can try something new. Or take note of things you think dont work so you can avoid making the same mistake in future.

I'd also recommend using Inkscape or Illustrator to produce your designs in, if you dont already, as you'll get far cleaner results than using Paint or even Photoshop, neither of which were designed for producing logos or illustrations in.

Oh and have fun, do stuff that might not actually get produced in the real world, this is your chance to go nuts, in the real world clients are sadly for the most part :censored: scared to do anything controversial or different. You dont have those constraints here so make good use of them. Anyone can change the sleeve striping on a concept or and new piping to a Patriots concept, and everyone's pretty much seen it done before, so do your own thing.

So yeah that's my tuppence worth of advice for anyone looking to improve, take it for what it is, someone elses opinion and if you think it'll work for you give it a go.


ps, But please do the research bit if nothing else, it really will help!

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My concepts aren't that good, thats why I just make them by myself, but don't share them. I actualy release one about every 4 months.

Feedback and constructive criticism are the best things in the world for helping you improve. The more you show your work and the more feedback you get the faster you'll improve. I totally understand how intimidating it can seem putting your work out there to be judged, but honestly it will help you improve so much quicker and at the end of the day logos are meant to be seen and no one is ever going to produce a logo or uni that EVERYONE in the world will like, not even the PRO'S! So what have you got to lose? If people dont like it so what? There are people who dont like certain logos or uni's in the NFL MLB NHL and NBA right now. But there might be someone out there that loves what you've done, or see a spark of potential in one of your ideas and can help you get the best out of it!


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