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NFL 2011 season best and worst looking games


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The 2011 NFL season is about to start. We're going to do what we think are the best and worst looking games of each week. You can agree or disagree on what someone said.

I start off with the preseason.

Week 1


1. Seahawks vs Chargers

2. Broncos vs Cowboys

3. Cardinals vs Raiders

4. Jets vs Texans

5. Jaguars vs Patriots


1. Vikings vs Titans/Buccaneers vs Chiefs

2. Colts vs Rams

3. Dolphins vs Falcons

4. 49ers vs Saints

5. Steelers vs Redskins

Week 2


1. Chargers vs Cowboys

2. Panthers vs Dolphins

3. Cardinals vs Packers

4. Saints vs Texans

5. Bengals vs Jets

6. Falcons vs Jaguars


1. Vikings vs Seahawks

2. Chiefs vs Ravens

3. Bears vs Giants

4. Redskins vs Colts

Week 3


1. Seahawks vs Broncos

2. Panthers vs Bengals

3. Dolphins vs Buccaneers

4. Chargers cs Cardinals

5. Falcons vs Steelers

6. Browns vs Eagles

7. Redskins vs Redskins


1. Packers vs Colts

2. Bears vs Titans

3. Cowboys vs Vikings

4. Jets vs Giants

Week 4


1. Cowboys vs Dolphins

2. Steelers vs Panthers

3. Titans vs Saints

4. Ravens vs Falcons

5. 49ers vs Chargers

6. Rams vs Jaguars


1. Raiders vs Seahawks

2. Browns vs Bears

3. Texans vs Vikings

4. Chiefs vs Packers

5. Colts vs Bengals

Regular season is coming. Week 1 for the regular season is up next.

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Doesn't/didn't this thread already exist?

Smells familiar.

If you mean another one I did some time ago, it was for the 2010 season.

The other thread is a list of every combo every week. This is an opinion based thread on good or bad matchups.

I was thinking about having the two things separately.

The weekly combo thread is to check and see what is appearing on game day.

If the good and bad look thing had its own thing there would be more spark.

Anyway, the season is starting. Lets have it go down in here.

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