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Large patterns/graphics on football jerseys?


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I posted this in the College Football Uniform thread:

In general, we're not used to seeing such *large* patterns or design elements on football unis. I guess Oregon's shoulder wings would qualify. But most other designs are confined to panels of solid color with stripes, piping, etc.

So, I'll pose this question to the forum: can you think of other examples of large patterns/graphics on football jerseys (pro/college)? In my mind, here's my initial list:

- LA/St Louis Rams' ram horns on the sleeve

- San Diego Chargers' bolts

- U. Oregon's wings

- U. Maryland's flag jerseys

- ....

Any others? I'm not just talking about stripes/piping, or even the use of a logo, but a fairly prominent pattern or graphic.

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It seems as if there were a number of prominent, bold graphics on jerseys back in the day (seeing as many of the images posted are old images and/or throwbacks). Perhaps we're starting to see a resurgence at the college level.

Also, taken from the College Football thread, Hawaii has a new UA jersey with a graphic in the shoulder panels:


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the 90s Patriots...some see a debacle. I saw one of the best uniforms in NFL history. All I'd have changed would be to use the 93 pants instead of the Redskins recolors.

95 Argos


Late 90s Argos


original Barnstormers


and if we're counting the AZ flag from the old Cards whites (probably shouldn't, but whatever...counting the late 80s-early 90s version would be a stretch, and that wouldn't fit on anything without a Titans-like yoke today, there's no way I would've counted the post-98 version posted here), then here go a couple Arena oldies, the AZ Rattlers and SJ Sabercats' unique takes on Northwestern stripes


and of course...


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What the hell is that Michigan jersey above? Is that real?

Watch the Michigan/Notre Dame game this Saturday night and you'll see this match-up:


these are freakin gorgeous!

I cannot wait to see them in action. I'm a bit skeptical about the shamrock on the helmet. I would have opted to leave it off, but I'm sure I'll end up liking it once I see it on the field. Its just odd to see something on their helmet other than pure gold.

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