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Hi Guys,

I just downloaded a 30day trial of Photoshop CS 5, and am looking to get the most out of it as I can in the 30 day time period. I was wondering if you guys could share your favorite effects/tutorials/learning resources here, to give me a place to start and learn my way around the program.

Anything at all would be awesome!

Thanks guys

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I loved using the lighting effects in Photoshop 7.0, but was sad to find out that CS5 doesn't have them.

To learn it, just experiment with it. Find out what the different tools do. When I first got Photoshop, it scared me to death, because I didn't know how to use it. After a lot of practice, I'll never go back.

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Iceflow Studios (on YouTube) has some pretty great stuff, as far as tutorials goes. I listed 5 sites below that I also use.

1.) Grabbag Graphics - (Stock images, Textures, and etc.)

2.) Official PSDS - (A sucky community, but they have a decent variety of renders/cuts.)

3.) PSD-Dreams - (More renders/cuts.)

4.) 1st Web - (Tutorials, Freebies, and etc.)

5.) Lost and Taken - (Textures, textures, and more textures.)

*Edit: I'm sure a lot of users know about PSD-Dreams, but for those that don't; to be able to download their cuts/renders, you have to register.

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If you truly want to learn and walk away with something in 30 days other than just how to do a few connect-the-dots effects, I'd subscribe to lynda.com and get to watching videos.

psdtuts, abduzeedo, computer arts magazine, etc also have good tutorials- just not as useful as Lynda on the whole.

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