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Miami Dolphins helmet concept

Julius Seizure

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I think the white helmet looks great, but perhaps the white helmet with the aqua jersey and vice versa would be a nice combo, but my ONLY critique would be lose the "Dolphins" script on the helmet, it looks out of place and, in my opinion, is unnecessary. Good look though.


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I have no arguments, as I think they all look fantastic. The white helmet is definitely my favorite, but I can partially agree with Rayman - I would suggest slightly rounding the top of the fin just a bit..? I, too am a fan of wrap-around designs; it'd be nice to see what you had in mind for a Falcons helmet. lol

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Had this idea in my head for awhile now, wanted to get some feedback.

I've been tooling with this template today, and made some blurs to create a metallic paint look. Hopefully it looks realistic.

Have at it!!



Out of the two, I like the aqua look better.

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For some reason if the NFL expanded and a team decided to call themselves the Sharks, something like this would be perfect because of the fin coming out of the water. All the helmets look good but I've got to say that the white helmet is the best

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I think it turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

In fact, I think I'm going to cheat a little bit, and use this design for one of my IFL expansion teams :P

I added a bit to it, and changed the color scheme.

Stay tuned on my IFL thread, fellas! 2 more teams on deck!!

(Love your avatar, nuordr:D)

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This is awesome. I have always wondered what my Dolphins could do to update their look no other helmet concept (although many were well executed) has ever looked good in my opinion except I love yours. I do think rounding the fin is needed but all in all this looks awesome. I wish Miami would adopt either the Aqua or the White one.

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A couple of tweaks later...

I lost the script as advised, and put a shade accent on the fin to add to a very simple design.

And an orange helmet to boost!!!

Hope this is a winner


Hello and how are you!?

Love you idea in general, very cool...

However, you must make a distinguish bettwen an impression of the shark not to be mistaken with a dolphin.

So, I would suggest that you create a " D " in the fin to brush away any possible thoughts about - is it a shark or the dolphin feautured on a helmet.

I always think that if a letter creates a nice shape and a form in a design - that is a great , well done concept, a sharp concept.

Thank you and would love to see a final product from you soon, feel free to drop me a reply, too.

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