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Giving Georgia the Oregon Treatment

Brave-Bird 08

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Just had some fun on inkscape tonight. Thanks to Robbman for a super awesome action template. C&C's appreciated! What do you think? Does it work? Yay? Nay? Honestly, I wouldn't argue against most of these.

A few things:

-The only element that would be NEW to Georgia history would be the white helmet. All other helmet, jersey, and pants colors have a place in Georgia's past. (Silver helmets in 40s-60s, White pants in 60s, Red pants in 80s, Black pants in 90s and 2000s, Black helmet in 2000s)

-The "Auburn Stripe" was part of Georgia's jersey from the 70s to the 90s.

-The white helmet is introduced to give a true "Bulldog" feel, as Uga, the English bulldog, is in fact all white.

-I did the black-red-white look to give a nod to the Atlanta Falcons, who loosely modeled their colors and uniforms with UGA interest in mind during their inception in 1966.



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A non-biased opinion? I think they're all great, (2nd row/1st and 3rd row/1st being my main favorites). On topic of Oregon, though - would the black helmets be gloss or matte? Either way would be awesome; I'm just partial to matte, I guess, lol.

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