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Harry Potter soccer concept series


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I don't know how many of you are into Harry Potter, but if you are, this might interest you.

I decided to make soccer concepts for each house of Hogwarts, to imagine what the uniforms might look like if Hogwarts offered non-magical sports such as soccer. Each one is sponsored by a business from the series.

My first team will be that of Hufflepuff

I started out simply with a white-on-white home kit:


Then a yellow-on-black road kit:


And finally a black and yellow hooped third kit.


On the back of the clash collar, it says "Loyalty" which is the main trait of students in Hufflepuff.

C&C please?

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Nice number font you got there, can you perhaps point me in the direction so I can get such an excellent font... ;)

Jokes aside, besides the horrid font, they look nice!

Crappy Numbers. I hope the link my TTF FontPack in Paint User Paradise still work.

And forgot to mention, if you rotate the Short logos an numbers in 12º, will seems more nice.

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Thanks for all the feedback, but my question is, what exactly is so bad about the font?

Times New Roman-esque fonts should RARELY be used on sports uniforms. Rarely.

I do like the idea though, and I'm looking forward to the other three.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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