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Oregon observation


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I know the pot gets stirred up quite a bit in the other threads, so I didn't want to clog those threads. Now I KNOW Oregon plays dress up all the time and fiddles with their gameday attire more frequently than a normal person changes their underwear. BUT, does anyone else find it odd, that they have not worn green at all in the last four games? Unfortunately, you'd think their school colors were black, highlighter yellow, and gray/silver.

2010 vs. Oregon State - Carbon/White/Gray (no green or highlighter/volt)

2010 vs. Auburn - Carbon/White/Anthracite with volt accenting (no green)

2011 vs. LSU - All Anthracite/Black with volt accenting (no green)

2011 vs. Nevada - Carbon/Highlighter Yellow/Gray (no green)

I know they have these other colored garments, but I just find it silly that they go SO long not wearing one of their colors. It seems to be a rarity these days that Oregon wears just one, if not BOTH of their school colors together. I thought school colors had a purpose? They haven't worn green since two games before the 2010 Title. Seems strange to me.

Please don't flame me as I'm not sitting here with anti-Oregon talk like some, I'm just noting something that seems really, really odd.

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A common misconception is that there is no green on the uniforms they wore vs. Oregon State. However there is a green outline on the numbers. So it's only been the last 3 games.

I understand exactly where you are coming from, but relegating your primary color to number trim hardly counts as using that color.

As for Oregon, I actually like Oregon's many uniform combinations. I wouldn't want other teams doing it, but it has become Oregon's thing, and it is interesting to see what they come out in each week. That being said, they have gone overboard lately. I don't mind if they go non school colors once or twice a year, but it seems that they have completely disregarded green as of late, and save for their last game, they have also disregarded the yellow their school uses.

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As much as I feel like Oregon should be going back to it's roots wearing green and yellow. I can't help but love the jerseys they wore last weekend and the volt yellow (which they have never won in) they wear on special occassions.

However I feel like they could achieve our attention just as much if they toned down their use of carbon and go back to the schools colors.

Personally, black has never bothered me, I feel like Oregon was the orginatior of BFBS however...

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