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My Personal Hockey League


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I've been inspired by a lot of personal sports leagues, and I've had some free time recently, so I'm going to work on a personal hockey league (as there has been a lot of personal football leagues recently). The uniform supplier will be Nike (and there will be a somewhat pro combat-y approach to the jerseys), and I plan on slightly modifying the IIHF template in the Paint Users' Paradise (and possible converting it to GIMP so the jerseys look cleaner.

For now, here's the logo. Teams and jersey cut will be posted soon.


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Eastern Conference

Hamilton Tigers

Connecticut Claws

Boston Colonials

Halifax Kingfishers

Brooklyn Kings

Baltimore Admirals

Philadelphia Freedom

Les Castors du Quebec (Quebec Beavers)

Ottawa Ravens

Detroit _______

Western Conference

Chicago Mobsters

St. Louis Archers

Vancouver Storm

Seattle Emeralds

Portland Rosebuds

Calgary Mustangs

Saskatoon Brewers

Los Angeles Stars

Denver Miners

Edmonton Drillers

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Maybe because it's my hometown, but "wheels"? Not to sound like a douche, but that's a pretty lame name for a hockey team, man. From Detroit no less... haha.

I was stuck on that one and needed to come up with something. I'm willing to take suggestions, most of the names aren't set in stone.

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1. Connecticut Claws

The Claws are a red, white, and blue team (I plan to keep these to a minimum). I tried other color schemes, but it just worked here. I chose a red that has a hint of purple/blue in it. The team name refers to the crab and lobster fishing industry in Long Island Sound. This mostly refers to the Lobster industry, however, which is much more linked to Connecticut and New England in general.


The logo is rather simple. To go along with the team name, I chose a claw, as opposed to a whole lobster. Due to the shape of the claw, I thought a C would fit in nicely, to represent the location and the team name.


The Claws' jerseys are rather "plain", just an outlined shoulder yolk with curved arm striping that extends to the end of the sleeve. The jerseys are blood red, somewhat reminiscent of the Florida Panthers of the 1990s. The number font is simple, nothing fancy here.

That's it for the Claws, the next teams should be much more exciting. I'm willing to take suggestions for Detroit, Quebec, and Brooklyn/New York, especially Detroit.

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Detroit in the West and Chicago in the East is backwards man. DET is in the eastern time zone and CHI is a hour behind them, I would switch those.

Most all of the team names are good but I think Beavers and Wheels are pretty weak. Maybe something like Voyagers for Quebec. I think you should make Detroit the Mustangs and switch CAL to the Stallions or a different horse related name.

As for the Claws unis and logo they are not bad, but they need to be cleaned up some. The logo has potentional but you lines need to be a lot smoothers, the "C" just needs to be more smooth its very jagged right now and the claw needs to have a bit more detail to it. Your blue looks black to me so maybe lighten that up a bit. I think you could use some sort of shoulder patch or something, and would like to see a view of the back of the jersey to see the font you pick better. I do really like how simple it is. Its got a classic kinda feel which is great.

I am pretty excited to see the rest of the league man. Keep it up

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