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Pro Combat by Raysox


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Are you prepared for combat?

2011's set is well on it's way to be the weakest so far. Why not fix what's wrong? I've looked at some previous PC's and made some of my own. We will go Alphabetically...

Army- done

Boise State- done

Georgia- done

LSU- done

Michigan State- done

Navy- done

Ohio State- done

Oregon- done

Stanford- done

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I thought this is what they were gonna do. I predicting a white version of their digital camo jersey. It's pretty simple with camo on the helmet, pants, sleeves, and numbers. I tried to do some Nike-type stuff with other design.


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Looks really good. I like the camo on the numbers, and the wordmark on the pants works IMO. My only change would be to get rid of the LANOB...it doesn't really work on the Pro Combat/Speed Machine jerseys because the NOB is pretty high.

Can't wait to see the rest!

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Very nice! I think this is the kind of design Army should pursue next, should they roll out another special uniform in the near future. The camo works with that gold shade, the wordmark actually looks great on the pants, and the thing I love most about it - while having its modern touches, it still has that "Army asthetic" look about it. It is tailored well to the school, in other words. Really great job, can't wait to see more!

And BTW, I love that map. You always use great presentations with your concepts, keep it up!

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I really like the Army one jersey, you should make the shoes all gold so they look like combat boots. I can't wait to see your Oregon concept.

Actually the new combat boot worn in Afghanistan are not one solid color, they are tan with black soles, so i like the way they look.


only problem i see is that the color of your pattern, i know its the school colors, but looks more like the marine pattern


The 2 patterns currently being used by the Army is



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Yeah the camo is all custom but i used a pattern for an example.

Boise State

The template I made has a default gradient sleeve pattern. I was playing around, and came up with this. I went for a Michigan State-like jersey pattern to continue the blue from the sleeve. The numbers match the sleeves, and so does the helmet stripe, and pants stripe. Basically, I wanted more blue and orange, and did it.


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I wanted to make atleast one of their sets consistent. By that, I mean the pattern I've come to use for almost every concept the Helmet/jersey/pants alternate colors 1/2/1. The primaries are red/red/silver. One thing Nike has done was use a granite color. I thought that this team would look pretty good using this. As far as the design, I did what looks good to me, and made it Pro Combat-esqe.


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The thing I really like about your Pro Combats raysox, is that they all look like something that would be used on the field. They're all really creative designs, and uniforms you could easily see used

One thing I think would make the Georgia set amazing is giving it a chained bulldog collar like this one.


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I was looking at images for throwback, and some stuff from the 1959 team that was undefeated. The helmets had numbers, similar to the Eagles, with some modifications, I think I matched it. The jerseys are the same as the current, so I added gold for the typical nike throwback look. The old set had block numbers, but I matched the helmet font. You could say it was a "Feauxback"


That was a terrible joke, omg.

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Michigan State

I wanted to have a spartan motif as much as I could. I decided on a cape design over the top, like the old Steelers jersey. Near the cuffs, I put a design like San Jose State, you know. The number and script is custom, and I can show a big version of the script if anyone wants to, but here it is.


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