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Samurai Logo Concept


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Hey everyone, I'm new here this is my first thread. I am not new to logo design but I would def love to get much better. Here is a logo I did yesterday and I did a lot of tuning to get it here at this stage and I just wanted to know what you guys thought. This seems like a solid community to go to for that sort of thing so let me know!


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Very cool. It's clear that you put a lot of effort into this, which is great.

Are you planning on using this for a concept?

Read the thread title, this is a concept.

As for the logo it's very impressive. It's always nice to see a talented designer join the boards. The only thing I would do to improve the logo is to, as others have said, simplify the lines. Especially in the face area, some of the details are really small, so they end up getting lost.

Overall, fantastic work, and I look forward to seeing more from you.

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It's awesome work and a fantastic illustration, but it's not what I'd class a logo, well not a sports one anyway. There's just way to much detail in it for it to work much smaller than you have it displayed here. If you were to try and apply that to say a sports card then you'd really be struggling. So much of it would get lost it would be a shame.

You've a ton of talent, and on a T-shirt or something this would look kick-ass. You never actually said what sport this concept is for, it might be pretty successful on say a hockey shirt, but on a football helmet I think you might be struggling.

It's a great start, and in my opinion it's always easier to simplyfy something down than go back and add more detail so it's by no means a lost cause, far from it in fact, with some refinement and simplication this could turn into a very strong piece indeed.

Good work and welcome to the boards.


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Thanks for the welcomes everyone. The logo is for a traveling gaming team and will never be embroidered. It will be used on things like jerseys on which a vinyl print would be used by a sort of heat press.

@Chuck: I made it for a team that continued to ask for more and more detail, which is where that came from. Now the are not going to use it haha so it remains a concept now.

@Bengal: They are motion lines, just poorly done ones unfortunately.

@9erssteve: These types of logos are sports inspired, and I am trying to make them more and more like sports logos. I agree the detail is too high, though it was much much lower before. The logo could use a simplifying and clean up. I basically skipped that stage.

Thanks everyone, I look forward to posting more work and posting about other's works as well.

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It wouldn't be embroidered it would be a type of vinyl print.

Are you bASHER from the MLG community??

Yep that is me :D

@North Dakota: Thanks, I am thinking of redoing it and more simplified as an exercise.

@Bengal: If I do redo this concept, I'll make them more "swooshy"

@Brave-Bird: Thanks for the encouragement.

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