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My MLB Uniform Concepts


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The hat's really boring, we need a logo, and I imagine them having some kind of patch on one of their sleeves, but the uniform itself is great. I would be totally happy if they ran out onto the field opening day in these. It's great for a team called Marlins and from Miami, not to mention it couples them with the Dolphins which is something I always enjoy cities doing.

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It's pretty nice. The Marlins have said they won't be using the teal, so that's unfortunate. The cap logo is a bit plain. For a team that won't be adopting a classic look, i think an 'M' with a minimalistic Marlin in the background would be a better cap logo. I dig the gray jersey with the pink accenting in it. Very Miami and very unique without being too outlandish. Nice.

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1. Work on your vertical arching, especially on the home jersey. The "S" in MARLINS is not arched.

2. Double piping makes it look more like a fashion jersey. I think that single piping would work best here... because...

3. The wordmarks are (keeping in mind what we're all expecting the jerseys to look like) pretty good. But they're so "fancy" (with all the treatments" that the double-piping detracts from them. Always go fancy on top of plain, not fancy on top of fancy (or plain on top of fancy). It'll make them stand out even more.

4. At first glance I like the effects on the letters (the two-tone, the orange outline with red shadow) but if actually produced in fabric I think it'd look too much. I'm not sure that I'd get rid of anything, but maybe make the red shadow a little more subtle (it'd be one of those details that looks really cool up close, but wouldn't make it look too busy when viewed from afar - like the SF Giants shadow) and tone down the two-tone a little bit (just make the colors a little closer together, so again, it's more subtle.)

5. Lose the effects on the NOB. You've got enough going on with the numbers - a simple NOB would enhance that instead of just making all the effects look like too much.

6. Make the hat M the same as the jersey M, or something totally different style (like a cursive or something totally different, but that somehow ties in to the overall package, which we haven't seen since there are no logos.) Having stiles that are different but not too different just creates a clash, and it's not really good design.

7. Also, I'd probably go simpler on the hat. I know what you're trying to do here, but I think that simplifying in certain areas would make the fancy areas stand out more and enhance the professionalism of the set as a whole.

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