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San Francisco Bulls with Logo


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Looks more like the "San Francisco Gazelles". Also I don't like the hockey sticks added after the fact. "Hey we gotta remind people this is a hockey team... I know! Let's add cut off hockey sticks arbitrarily to the bottom corners of the logo!"

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I haven't done any research so who designed this? Did they get paid? Is there a god?

The lettering is illegible, the gradients are useless, the hockey sticks and bull are very poorly rendered, and there is no reason for the dots around the circle.

This is in a league with the Everblades, Jackals, Gladiators, Road Warriors, Reign, Royals, Aces, and Condors? Not right at all. That is like the Thousand Islands Privateers jumping to the NHL and keeping their logo.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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