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Winnipeg Blue Bombers to go full retro in 2012?


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So over at the Blue Bomber website, they have something called the Virtual Venue, which allows you to see the vantage point of any seat in the new stadium, purchase tickets, etc etc.

What's interesting is, the Lightning Ball logo is nowhere to be found when perusing the new facility.


Does this mean the Bombers are going with the old W logo full-time? The center field and end zone graphics would certainly have us believe this.


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I like the lightning ball logo as a modern update of the old logos. Always felt the white W on the gold helmet was a bit underwhelming. But, like hasbfan1 says, if it's the retro logo in modern colours, I can live with that.

My preference would be the modern logo in retro colours. I've never been a fan of just using a block letter as a logo (though it's preferable to using wordmark.) Four of the teams have used it in the past for helmet decoration, and I was happy to see the demise of the last of them when Winnipeg went to it's current look. I wouldn't even mind if they developed a logo that echos what the Winnipeg Jets did and played off of a military theme. I do like the lighter blue used in the uniforms of the '70s and '80s, they were the one good look in a long history of bad uniforms...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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