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New York Nets concept

the admiral

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Maybe I could do a series of concepts based on the ever-controversial "regional names" thread. In grand CCSLC tradition, I'd probably crap out after two or three. I'm not very good at this.

So what I tried to do with the Nets was some fusion of the Dr. J era and New York Subway imagery, which isn't very creative seeing as how it's just Helvetica Bold and dots with letters in them, but I thought it might be worth a try anyway.


Primary is a blatant ripoff of an old NJ Nets primary, but I replaced the New Jersey outline with a hypothetical Subway icon of a net.


An ABA basketball that also says Brooklyn because this is highly important. Kind of had the Chiefs' AFL logo in mind here. Duh.



The red numbers are your obligatory Dodgers callback. The whole thing is otherwise a Dr. J callback, obviously.


I guess the NYN and Net dots are tertiary logos. Thought about doing a parquet floor like the Meadowlands, but the Meadowlands aren't worth remembering.

Obviously I like this enough to stick my neck out and post it here, but it's not without its glaring flaws. Helvetica makes it super-easy to counterfeit, for example, and it might be too much to have a primary, a secondary that says Brooklyn which is said nowhere else and looks nothing like the rest of the package, the NYN tertiary, two uniform scripts, and the Net dot. Still looks better than what they have now, and it's probably as reasonable of a Dr. J modernization as we could have, because those originals looked pretty flimsy and lame.

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Yeah, maybe. I was trying to replace the three stars from the original uniforms. Seemed naked without anything on the side panel, and stars wouldn't fit here.

This whole name/number placement thing seems to be a problem for me. Not sure why. Also, just noticed that I left the home NOB as really compressed Helvetica but changed the road one to Trade Gothic. Or maybe vice versa. Either way, one should be the other.

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I have to be honest here...I actually really like the direction you've taken here. I too would drop the "NYN" from the side panels, but all in all the style of the uniform us really sharp. In this case, I think the Helvetica really works and would make for a unique (and quite fitting for New York) brand. I LOVE the court, too. Really sharp. Nice work!

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The subway theme is excellent. (I didn't know you did concepts, Admiral?) The primary is a little weird with the random red underneath the "Nets" but I like that in that it lends a retro feel to it.

My favorite part though is the:




on the away jersey. It's excellent design. I'd like that on a poster as much as a uniform. That, and the fact that the number is red while the text is white makes the whole design simply sing.

Have you tried this out on an action template of any kind? It'd be nice to see what that would look like.

Brilliant work.

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The XX net detailing in the subway sign is a great detail. Love that.


Agree that the Bklyn is great for a secondary logo, but primary should have Brooklyn.

It is a secondary logo.

It was nice to get so much positive feedback from everyone. I might do this more often. I've had a few things percolating, but I'm not good at developing logos from whole cloth like other people here are.

If anyone knows of a PSD action template, I'll try and render the uniforms on there. I noticed that a few people didn't like the N Y N running down the side of the jersey, but it looks too blank to me without them, the jerseys these are modeled on had elements (stars in this case) on the lone side panel, and I feel that letters in circles make for a pretty integral part of the Subway branding.

One thing I did change is that I decided the 4X/Net dot doesn't make for a very compelling standalone logo, and probably needs Helvetica lettering to its right to fully convey what I'm going for. So I just used the "XXXX Nets" version from the road shorts and moved it inside the arc.



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An ABA basketball that also says Brooklyn because this is highly important. Kind of had the Chiefs' AFL logo in mind here. Duh.

Change Bklyn to Brooklyn and sir you have a winner.

Agreed, that was the only thing that bugged me about this awesome set.

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