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Texas Stars new Alternate Logo.


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So, wait, based on their primary and parent club logos, this alternate should be read as "TEAAS"?

Why is it so hard for anyone on any level with the Stars to comprehend that the star, on its own, is a ready-made secondary logo and shoulder patch?

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This has to be one of my biggest logo pet peeves. How is a star an X? This says TEAS to me.

Those "Back to Football" NFL ads drove me nuts, too, using the shield as the A. Makes no sense.

Astonishingly, they used the same campaign with individual team logos. I had a Packers magnet schedule last year which read "BACK TO FOOTB(G)LL".

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It's an okay logo. The real problem here is that the team is called the "Texas" Stars. The Stars (AHL), Brahmas (CHL), and Rangers (MLB) all have Texas in their name despite playing against other Texas based teams...

Yeah, I wish the AHL Stars would go to Cedar Park or Austin. I really wish that the Brahmas would go back to Fort Worth, but the reason why they dropped it is because the city wouldn't let them have priority on dates and kicked them out for a failed D-League (or ABA, I forget what league). In any case, if they went with their current home, they would be the North Richland Hills Brahmas. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

As for the Rangers, I don't get the hate for the team's name. The Texas Rangers have been the state's premier law agency since the days of the Republic, and the team's name fits well with the agency. Having the "Arlington Rangers" or God forbid "Dallas Rangers" just wouldn't make much sense.

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