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NBA Primary Logos

Fifty8_Black O

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My hope for this topic is that it'll be similar to the one's Kevinmets started for MLB Primaries and cap logos where everyone can post what they think the NBA should look like primary logo wise. I got this idea by trying to eliminate the number of R/W/B teams in the NBA and then just couldn't stop so I thought that I'd throw it out there for everyone to join in on the fun! Here's what the association would look like in my perfect world:


For an explanation on each one see below:

ATL: Kept the primary logo, but switched back to the green and blue scheme of the olden days. I love that scheme.

BOS: Same

CLT: In a perfect world this would be a hornets logo, but that is another rant for another day. I used the cats alt. logo that I think is 1000x's better than the primary

CHI: Darkened the red, changed white to off white/cream for a more classic look.

CLE: Wine and gold color scheme but included blue as well. Tried to merge era's with the logo I made.

DAL: Kept it the same because I couldn't come up with or design anything better. Would really love to see them use there green and royal scheme.

DEN: Don't ask me why but I've always loved this logo. Wanted to use a Red, Old Gold, Navy scheme.

DET: First of three red, white, blue teams. Mixed two era's of pistons logos to make this one.

GS: Kept it the same, This things a beauty.

HOU: This is a logo I made for a concept a while back. Not a huge fan of the current identity so I thought this would be a good alternative.

IND: Same, but like the mavs its because there was no better alternative. Never been crazy about the pacers identity but there's not much you can do with a name like the Pacers.

LAC: Love the idea of a light blue, orange color scheme for the clips. I've had this logo saved on my hard drive for like 3 years so I can't remember who created it (sorry) but I love the clipper imagery.

LAL: Hate the sloppy logo they have. This is clean and could still be an iconic logo and keep continuity.

MEM: Brought back the old logo simply because I think the colors are AMAZING. Wish they could translate well onto the new logo.

MIA: Same

MIL: Un-bevelled the logo but other than that its the same. I love the red alt jersey with the plain script.

MIN: Didn't like the phasing out of green by MIN so I added the green back but changed it to forrest green and added a tan color that I think looks sharp.

NJBKLN: I'm crazy about the logo thats been floating around for a while now from this blog but changed the colors to black and two blues, I like the way it turned out.

NY: Glad they got rid of the black, kept it the same.

OKC: I hesitated from putting the Hornets in charlotte but I could not resist here. I love this logo, I love the scheme, I loved the team and hated how they left. OKC has the worst primary mark in all of sports so if you don't like the inclusion of the sonics google "okc concept logo" and take your pick. I'd take almost anything over the current.

ORL: Same, really like this one.

PHI: Used the partial logo, no need for the box that they have now.

PHX: Altered the 09 all star logo because PHX has a terrible identity IMO and anything would be better.

POR: With alot of teams headed towards throwback looks I really wish the blazers would follow suit. I think this old look is much more clean than there current.

SAC: Loved the uni's that went with these and I think the current primary is a little too busy.


UTAH: Just go ahead and pay the fee to make this the primary already, your recolor sucks.


Now lets see what you guys think.

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Sorry but many of those are bad changes, not a fan of logos with no city/franchise name on it. Thought i do agree with Bobcats, Wolves, Raptors, Jazz and Wizards changes.

Also you should have a look at Michael Weinstein's designs, the nets concept is his and his clippers and wizards concepts are pretty awesome too


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Only 3 I don't really like:

Atlanta - only because I think the Seattle Seahawks are the ONLY team that can get away with lime green today.

Denver - Just think the logo is too "70's".

Houston - .... just not feelin' the whole concept. No offense.

I think the Mavs should put a little green back into their unis and as for the Pistons:


I wish they went back to this identity.

Everything else works. (I'm just not a fan of the 70's/80's look for certain teams like Portland, Denver, Seattle, and Philly)

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I'm more game on Lights Out's list than the original. Only changes I'd make are the Pistons (no, teal was never a good color for the Pistons even if we are trying to get away from RWB)...maybe the Cavs (the logo looks phenomenal with the 90s Cavs colors, but I still thought the Lebron-era colors would be perfect if blue were made the primary instead of Red, like that great alt jersey), and definitely the Jazz (Love the logo and the era it came from, but looking at it now, the Gold just feels OFF).

I'm surprised how well the current Grizz logo works with the old colors. And I know the Denver Nuggets were generally awful during that logo's time, but I still love the scheme.

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As a T-Wolves fan: The OP's looks great. I love the forest green. Lights Out's is an improvement, but still leaves the green a bit "to the side".

Nice work, OP, on the Cavs and Suns

I love Lights Out's Golden State, agree with him on the Fleur de Bee, but not so much on his liking of some of the 1990s

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