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Tampa Bay Lightning Concept


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This actually is a really good idea, but just a few things:

-There are a bunch of small, unnecessary details that clutter the jersey that should go IMO: the piping, the stripes in the underarm area, and the "TAMPA BAY" at the back on the bottom

-On the blue jersey, the grey is hard to see next to the white. I'd recommend putting the black outline on the inside and the grey on the outside

-I think it would look better if the NOB had the same outlines as the numbers

Overall good work tough.

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Just two things preventing this from perfection...

The piping to nowhere looks really out of place on an otherwise traditional uniform. This is exactly the same problem the Sabres have with their primaries.

Also I don't like how the victory stripes have their own contrasting panel. It would be more effective if the panels were the colour of the corresponding jerseys.

That being said, even with it's flaws it's miles better than what will hit the ice this season so I guess it's a success.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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