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South Padre Sailors.


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Hey all,

I've been working on the concept for the past few weeks just for fun and I think it is ready for some CnC. I am not at all a graphic artist, so doing the logos was a new thing for me. I did everything in photoshop so I have limited ability to go back and tweak things. But I'm willing to make changes if the need to be made.

This team is just something I thought of in my scetchbook a few weeks ago. I went with a simple, two color scheme, because it fits the team name and it helps me make my concepts more clean and simple when I have limited options. I also really wanted to use the sailor-like striping that I featured in the primary logo more, but after trying several different options with it I decided to limited it's use to just the socks. I haven't used this identity for anything yet, but I plan on using it for my fantasy team next year instead of the Kings.

I'd love to hear what you all think, so...

Here you go!

Primary Logo:


Alternate Logo 1:


Alternate Logo 2:


...and the Uniforms:

Home: (Live Look)




Home Alt: (Live Look)


Thanks for checking this out,


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Agree with GeauxColonels, those stripe are drowning the anchor, they need to be modified or ditched. Bulking up the line widths on the anchor and adding a white outline (to the anchor) might help too. And if you stick with the stripes I'd consider pinstripes for the home.

I am really liking the Sailing ship "S", very clever.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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