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New Variation of Outdoor Team Handball


Name for new version of team handball?  

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After some thinking and testing Field Ball, I've determined that kicking and passing (by hands) would make the game lose value from soccer/association football, in addition, I've become quite interested in Team Handball. Not just the indoor version, but the former outdoor version as well. After watching some games and some research I decided that while the indoor version is cool, I really liked the outdoor version better. Not sure why, maybe the strategic aspect.



One with Florida Gators:


There were a few things about the outdoor game, I didn't like.

- The net - similar in size to soccer was a bit big for my liking.

- The playing field was divided into three sections or thirds and only certain positions could move within certain thirds.

- Dribbling/bouncing the ball requirement.

Those are a few of the things that I aimed to change:

- The net, I made smaller (12 ft. wide, by 8 ft. tall)

- Players on any position except the goaltender are free to roam any portion of the field.

- Since my version is played on grass, bouncing is encouraged but may be more difficult, therefore not required. Instead a five-count rule of holding onto the ball is in play. You must pass or shoot within five-count after receiving the ball.

The Field (still not exactly sureW&L just yet) - Thinking 80 yards in width. 30 yard OZ/DZ and 20 yards Neutral Zone.

The field consists of the Offensive Zone, Defensive Zone and Neutral Zone. In the Offensive Zones, there is a Key and inside the key, they goal crease. At the top of the key is a dashed line. This line (Timeline) marks the spot where the goaltender cannot cross into the zone. If he does, he has a five-count to return inside the key or he risks a penalty or penalty shot if done intentionally with the ball. The only exceptions being on a delayed penalty or near end of game to get an extra fielder. In this instance the goaltender may either become the extra attacker or head to the bench for an extra attacker. The goaltender is the only player that can kick the ball to keep the ball out of the net or send it the length of the field.

Shots taken inside the key are worth one point, while shots taken outside the key are worth 2 points.


Like most sports,but unlike indoor handball there is offsides in this version. There are at least two variables for offsides in this version:

- The ball must cross the offensive zone before any offensive player or it is offsides and a loss of possession. Since the zones are big and there are lots of players, if the ball exits the zone, it must completely cross the center line for the offensive players to be required to exit the offensive zone "Tag Up".

- A offensive player without the ball must not cross over the timeline ahead of the defense, unless the ball carrier has started his pass to that offensive player.



(Typically called "Front Five")

- Center.

- Left Forward

- Right Forward

- Left Winger

- Right Winger


- Right Halfback

- Left Halfback

- Right Fullback

- Left Fullback

- Goalie

Thoughts on the sport? What do like/dislike, improvements, suggestions, questions?

I'm still trying to come up with a good name. First I had California Rules Handball, then National Handball, and was contemplating Millennium Rules Handball, but nothing really sounds good. any suggestions on the name?

I'm also have an indoor variation of this, where it's much similar to the indoor team game, but it's six-on-six (3 Forwards 2 Defense, 1 Goalie).

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