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Jets vs. Ravens


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Jets in all white versus Ravens in all black. Has this ever happened in the NFL before? I know the Ravens like to break out their frogman-ballerina outfits a couple times a year (as do the Jags, occasionally), but not sure if it's ever happened against all white (I guess that, up until the introduction of the Bills' new set, the Jets are the only team it COULD have happened with).

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Thanks for the quick response -- guess I should have been more specific. The Jets have white helmets, jerseys, pants AND socks; the Ravens have all those elements in black. I believe in the 2007 game shown above the Colts had blue socks...

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Colts had solid socks in 2007. i think 05 was thier last year for striped socks. maybe 06. always blue though


we're not going to get into a debate how that Colts/Jags game "dosent count" as black v white because of socks are we?

Well, um, yes, I guess we are, as that was the whole point of my original post. To me "all white" means all white, not white with blue socks. I think picayune distinctions like this that no one else in the world gives a sh*% about are the whole point of this message board :)

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