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Columbus Blue Jackets Alternate Concept


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I think that if you're sticking with the head, ditch the "C", it just clutters up the logo. The Sens don't have an "O" behind their logo - it's just the head. The stars on the sleeves look great, BUT the All-Star jerseys had white stars in the same place, and coupled with the fact that the jersey is blue as well, I'd recommend doing something to differentiate them. All in all, good work so far, I'm interested to see how this develops.

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I like it. It's not my ideal Blue Jackets jersey but it's well done. I don't mind the two different shoulder logos, but if you were to pick one I would recommend the primary logo. Partly because it is the primary logo and would help with branding, but also because the cap in the alternate logo is already found in the crest. Nice work.

Edit: Holy shiznit, apparently this was post number 3,000 for me. Cool.

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I'm agreeing with Big Bubba... Ditch the "C".

Those stars are a little low on the sleeves; they might get lost in the gloves.

Throw them up on the shoulders?

The logo IMO needs a little something in the shaded part of the face.

The blue in the logo needs to be a tad lighter also. It's too close to the black (or navy).

...But this is a nice-looking sweater.

I like where it's going.

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I believe that logo is actually Mac's, if I remember correctly. I'd ask this Heinze 57 character where he got it, before crediting him with it.


We're the same guy.

Here's the most recent update of the soldier


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IMO, the Blue Jackets are the toughest team to devise a concept for, and it doesn't help that they've never had a decent logo. Their current alternate is the probably the best out all their logos past and present, but even that is still lacking compared to other NHL logos. That being said, I like your idea to go the Senators route: 3/4 turned portrait of a soldier... but I think that's your unfortunate drawback, it's too similar to Ottawa's aesthetic, even though I really dig the mustache.

I like the "C" idea though, maybe tone down the stars and make is a darker red? I know the stars and that shade of red are symbolic of the Ohio flag, but their previous logos pretty much killed that theme for me.

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what do you guys think of this logo i put together for my jersey?

I think you shouldn't "borrow" logos and never mention it.


better? i wasnt sure if i should or not but i fixed it. i asked for critique, not sarcasm

Listen, I'm going to say this as gently as possible, so please note my tone.

A critique (at least in the art world) is when other artists try to objectively review another artist's work. In this case, no one (myself or anyone else on this board) is capable of providing you a critique of this because 90% of the artwork is not yours. In fact, if I wished to critique this, I would have to find the artist who created the Boston Cannons logo and provide them with the critique.

It's basically the equivalent of trying to critique this painting:


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