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new 2011-12 college basketball uniforms


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They don't bother me. I'm just saying every time a new one comes out, people act like the art on the back is going to be amazing and they are always disappointed. I don't remember once where people loved them images on the back (even if they like the idea).

How can you not consider these amazing? Especially compared to the North Carolina one...



Anyhow, i'll let it die and let someone steer this thing back on topic...

UConn one looks fine. I've been a Texas basketball season ticket holder since birth and I don't really like theirs. Anyways, my point wasn't really my opinion on them. My point was it seems like the majority complains about each design (not the concept, but the actual design) each time it comes out. Maybe I'm mistaken.

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Georgia has made a slight change to their uniforms. They simplified the side-panel design. I actually am not a fan of the change. It's too generic now, and doesn't incorporate red, black, silver, and white...which is what I loved about the previous uniforms.





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I hate the New York Knicks and their uniforms, but apparently Florida loves them:


I'm sad to see Florida has changed their wordmark to a more blocky one. I didn't know if it was an official change, but it's been up on the website for awhile. Guess it's an official logo change now.


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Under Armour is continuing to use Championship Stars.

Utah Basketball


Maryland Football


Auburn Football


What are the "championship stars"? haha I'm sure it's self explanatory but I just want to be sure.

ps- wearing basketball shorts as Capri's (basically...) looks absolutely ridiculous. If I coached a team I would make them go to the middle of the knee and no further. That's just my rant though.

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