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NHL Winter Classic Series


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After seeing the Mississauga Majors of the OHL copying the Hawks awesome winter classic jersey with their own colors, I decided to create a similar jersey for the whole league just to see how it would look.

I based myself on these :



While avoiding this which is just a lame clone


So without further a do I give you Anaheim !

The Ducks were fairly easy to do since they already had a circular logo, so I used it in the center and dusted of the old 'MD' logo from the early 2000's. By the way I could have added more colors by adding hem stripes of outlining stripes but I wanted to keep it clean and simple just like the Hawks now retired winter classic jersey.


I've got jerseys for every team but I'd rather post them one at a time and get feedback to see what you all think ! ...And yes I know that it isn't all that original, but some of them look really neat !

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Oh you're right about the mini Pens, but they have about a gazilion jersey in their inventory haha !

I started with only one jersey for each team but it could branch out to home & aways for sure !

I'll update Anaheim later on but in the meantime, here's Boston ! They needed a new circle logo and I used the old ''crazy bear'' logo they used as a shoulder logo in the past, I tried the spoked B but it just looked dumb ! I went with the vintage white since they are an original 6 team and I used a recolored version of the winter classic logo they used !


I think it came out pretty good !

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Yeah I wasn't sure either about the shoulder logo, but I felt the B with sword was too modern for winter classic jerseys, I guess I could just go without any shoulder logos for Buffalo !

Next Batch :

Dallas :


Detroit :


I switched one of the shoulder logos, made more sense to me !

Edmonton :


Slight recoloration of the old shoulder logo !

Florida :


One of the more colorful design but I think it still looks good !

L-A :


I'm not sure about the shoulder logo ! I might end up switching its colors...

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