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Gigantes Concept


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Looking for some feedback on this work in progress. It's not currently connected to any project, but I was thinking of maybe making some American football concepts for European or other international cities. Most of the American cities have been beaten to death with the symbols and histories with which we associate them.

Anyhow, here is the concept. The wordmark is merely a placeholder as I grasp for better ideas.


If it doesn't make sense, you should probably have paid more attention in World Lit!

So, in sum:

1) Direction on the wordmark?

2) Criticism of the rendering

3) Criticism of the color scheme

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Don Quixote, Nash.

I would make it more logo like, than image. I really like the idea, however. It could be a very cool set if done right. I'd decrease the number of colors, and work on making it look sleek. I picture it a logo with the outline being the same as the shading, and slightly at an angle. I could whip it up if you really wanted to see, but I want you to try it.

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Thank you guys for the criticism and suggestions. I tried to keep all of them in mind when updating this.

1) Changed the color scheme. I was never really attached to the teal, gold, and gray. I feel like this new color scheme makes the mill a bit more "human."

2) Fixed the bottom right corner, which was bugging me from a perspective standpoint.

3) Tried out raysox's outline idea (I hope).

4) New windows/eyes.

So what do you guys think? Upgrade? Downgrade?


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Let me have a tilt at this (D.Q. reference).

Even though I prefer your new colour scheme, I like your original rendering better...

Don't know exactly why.

You've lost an interesting bit of roofline in the 2nd attempt,

and the new eyes are more 'Mrs. Windmill'-ish.

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A couple of quick thoughts:

1. This windmill looks more northern than Spanish in style. Perhaps you can google "La Mancha" and "Windmills" to get a better idea of what the typical Spanish windmills looked like.

2. Perhaps go even a little further towards giants, putting fists at the end of each windmill arm or turning the top of the windmill into a head, etc. Right now it is too much a windmill and not enough a giant.

3. A third option would be to somehow incorporate the image of Don Quixote charging the windmill. You could do this in the wordmark, changing the I in Gigantes into a windmill and having DQ charging through the G.

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