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Championship Games and Alternate Uniforms

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49ers in Superbowl XXIX


Funny because I thought these were their regular unis:

Super Bowl XXIX:


1994 NFC Championship Game:


Throwback uniforms

During the 1994 season, many NFL teams wore "throwback uniforms" for occasional games (after week 2 of the season) to celebrate the NFL's 75th anniversary (a corresponding diamond 75th Anniversary patch was also worn by all teams). The 49ers chose to wear a version of their 1955 uniforms as throwbacks. This design featured sans-serif block numerals that were outlined and shadowed in black. White pants with thinner red-black-red striping were also worn, along with the old striped red socks (the team later reverted to their regular solid red socks after receiving permission from the NFL to wear the uniforms for the rest of the season). The team's regular 1989-95 gold helmet was worn with this uniform, as there was no logo on the 1955 helmet.

The team first donned the 1955 throwback uniforms during a week 3 match against the Los Angeles Rams and the following week at home versus the Saints. Both games ended in victory (coincidentally, these were also the first two games Deion Sanders played with the 49ers after signing as a free-agent after week 2). The team then suffered an embarrassing 40-8 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles at home wearing their regular red uniforms with gold pants. (Football statistics site Football Outsiders calculates this 49ers loss to be the second-most lopsided football game they'd tracked from 1994-2008.)

For the subsequent three games until their BYE week, the team again was scheduled to play games wearing the throwback uniforms with white pants and dropshadows, and all three games resulted in wins. During the following weeks the 49ers embarked on a 10-game winning streak. The team, prompted both by the superstition of coach George Seifert, and the preference of players, petitioned the NFL to wear the throwback uniforms for the rest of the season. The league granted the request and the switch to solid red socks after the BYE week marked this occurrence. In all, the team went 15-1 (including the playoffs) wearing the 1955/1994 throwback uniforms. The only loss occurred during the regular season finale at Minnesota, with the team wearing white jerseys and resting most of their starters for the playoffs. Meanwhile, the 49ers went undefeated wearing the red jerseys of the throwback uniform. After winning Super Bowl XXIX however, the team was compelled to revert to wearing its regular 1964-style uniforms (1991 revised design) for the following 1995 season. The throwback design strongly influenced the 49ers to redesign their uniform set. In 1996, the team revealed a new design featuring a darker red, shadowed numbers, black accents, and white pants. In 1998, the team changed the pants to a tan color and wore those uniforms through the 2008 season.

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I guess Oregon in last years National Title would qualify...


I know they technically designed it specially for the NC game, but I'm not sure it really matters considering they don't even have a regular set uniform anymore.

On a side note, that Diamondbacks uniform kick the hell out of their Astros imitations.

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Spain had to wear their clash in the WC2010 finals, because the red and orange were too close.\


But for the trophy and pictures, they changed into their reds.


And I've got to say, their navy blues with the flag motif on the Adidas striping was one of the best alternates in the WC!

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This year the Vancouver Canadians beat the odds and advanced to the Northwest League finals while wearing their black alternate uniforms. They decided to wear them in game one of the finals for good luck and ended up winning, so they wore them again in game two. After losing that game they reverted back to their white uniforms and won the championship.

So while they didn't actually win the title while wearing their alternates, they wore them for a number of playoff games.


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