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Cardinals Rally Squirrel


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I had an Idea to do something like this a few nights ago. I drew up some sketches too, but I didn't like the way It transfered into vector.

I'd suggest making the base of the tail a little thinner, and studying the facial features of a photo of a squirrel from a similar position, and making a few minor changes to the face. Other than that, Looks Good.

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At first glance, I loved it. But I picked up on some things I would change. I would fix the tail, because it looks just like a blob. Also, i would make the inside of the white navy, instead of red. Just to make it look like a Cardinals shirt.

Plus, I know about squirrels... Here. Yeah, I have pet squirrels.

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Only one problem...BEAST MODE can SQUASH any squirrel out there.



Kinda ironic, using a phrase that was used by the university of the state in which the team you're playing against is located.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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