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2012 Blue Jays Uniform Concepts


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Not liking the idea of a maple leaf, particularly the blue one, for obvious reasons. However, the other jerseys are amazing. The tone of red is something that you wouldn't think would go well with this team, but this actually works really well. I really like the two-tone blue, but some people don't like the prospect of having 2 two-tone blue teams in the same division (Tampa Bay being the other). The only changes I would make are to add an outline to the "T" and make it less bland, get a new logo that doesn't resemble the Leafs', change the top-left "tail" of the "T" in "Toronto" because it looks a little like an "F", and just for fun, to test a brighter shade of red (the last one isn't necessary to improve it; I'd just like to see what it looks like). Overall, though, great work for the first attempt.

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1. The Blue Jays script is very well done, but the outlines/shadows (on both versions) need some work. Also, the shape of the "s" almost makes it look like Blue Jay's. Maybe work on that a little bit.

2. The Toronto script would be better if it matched the Blue Jays and didn't have the tail. The way it connects to the o really looks forced, and it would be nice to have some consistency between the sets. The shadow is unnecessary.

3. The gray hat actually works really well there. All blue should be an option though.

4. The colors on the bottom row work much better than on the top. The crimson / blue combo is nice, but maybe for the Toronto Terriers or Bulldogs or something, but not the Blue Jays.

5. Drop the front number on the leaf jersey. It doesn't need anything competing with the T-leaf for attention.

6. The number font in general doesn't go well with the scripts. I realize they all have the notches in them, but the scripts are so elegant and classic (despite the notches) and the numbers are too different of a style. I really think that varsity block (Yankees, Braves) would be better here, as it would enhance the scripts. Even standard MLB block.


7. Sleeve patches traditionally go on the left sleeve.

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Thanks to all for your input.

The set is more about colours than anything else at this point.

Not really having any artistic abilities is how I explain the absence of a bird and the vintage maple leaf rip.

I consider myself a "roots of baseball" kinda guy, therefore, I believe the blue jays have really missed an opportunity to use a more realistic bird for their logo a la Baltimore / St Louis. Just because the francise was born in 77, doesn't mean they have to stop there when it comes to inspiration. From the original star wars font / mastcot logo, the white pyjamas of the 1980's, the cartoon mascot of the 90's and the hyper photoshopped current brand, they just keep missing the mark.

My 2 cents, for what it's worth.

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