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Logolympiad: Event #7

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We've reached he halfway point!

EVENT #7: Sporting Event Logo


- imagine that the NFL decides to switch to a 16-team playoff format, wherein the top two teams in each division play each other in teh first round.

- Pick one division and create a logo for the Division Championship Game.

- Feature any two teams from your chosen division

- You may use some existing graphics to represent the teams, league, etc...but overall design must be your own.

DEADLINE: Monday, May 24, 7:00 PM EDT

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These look great already! My concept:


I hope this can get me another medal... I know I'm really greatful just for getting one but I guess it's the competitive spirit in me. :)

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these are hot! illustrator jedis, one and all.....i especially like hrivnak's, shizzle-my-nizzle's, and braden's......early tight race.

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Wow, this is good stuff. Im not sure how many more ill have time to do, but this should be a stiff comp.

I like the concept you have CLANHORAN, id suggest playing with the weights of some of the chalk lines, to make the important stuff pop out more.

Good plop though

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