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2011 MLB Postseason Bracket


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One of my co-workers was confused as to how the MLB playoffs works, so I created a bracket & many of the logos, courtesy of this website, to demonstrate. Here is how it looks as of 7:45pm Eastern Standard Time on Saturday, October 15, 2011


I realize it's a bit "busy", but I thought I'd share it with the rest of the class...

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You probably should've mentioned how teams are seeded, with the WC always being the lowest and the fact that teams in the same division can't play in the DS. But as for the actual bracket, it looks good!

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Even though you've mentioned that the bracket is "busy", try simplifying the information you're presenting in order to convey the postseason process more clearly. For starters, you don't need a DLS logo for each matchup; or place the team hat AND logo for each playoff team. Stick with one logo, unless your coworker is going to tune into the World Series and wants to know which teams are playing and will know just by looking at the baseball caps on the television.

I am confused with which direction you're pursuing in describing the series matchups, for example, you don't need to write "Best 3 out of 5" and Best 4 out of 7" for each matchup. However, you can simplify the series results by placing the games each team won in their matchup or by writing, "Tigers Win 3-2" or "Tigers 3-2" where you currently have "Best 3 out of 5".

The labels for the Division Champions and Wildcard Winners can be placed better, perhaps situated underneath or above the team name, so that the information is not overbearing. This is optional, but you may want to include each teams records so your coworker understands how each team fared during the regular season so that he or she understands how these matchups were determined.

Finally, the MLB logo on the World Series trophy doesn't match the other MLB logos in the various playoff logos. Is it possible for you to change the colors?

Keep up the great work and I look forward to your update!

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