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Fauxbacks - Giants/Bears


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While poking around the Gridiron Uniform Database, I found a very different Giants uniform that they lost the 1933 NFL Championship game while wearing. IK decided to tinker with this uniform and a similar time-frame Bears uniform on the Davidson template. It's not 100% accurate, thus the "Fauxback" name.


Although the Giants uniform looks like it belongs on the ice rather than the field, it still looks good. The Bears' socks, while jarring at first, do grow on you. Because neither helmet would have a logo, I opted for team logos on the left breast.

I characterize it as a work-in-progress because I have a few things I'm not satisfied with, starting with:

C&C please.

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I always thought it would be great to do a thread on cool throwbacks that we'll probably never see. Many people don't know about some of these great uniforms from the early eras of the league. I'd honestly ditch the team and league logos from the uniforms, and I'd keep the solid white numerals on the giants uniform (no red outline). And probably black or dark brown for shoes, belts and gloves for both teams.

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Oh, and to warp your numbers in Photoshop, just use the perspective filter. It also helps to give the numbers a tiny, hard drop shadow and a transparent grey stroke so they look like sewn, layered twill instead of flat sublimation.

Here are some examples I've done in the past. Note how much more real and substantial (sewn on) the numbers look:


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