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This is one of the biggest events of the LOGOLYMPIAD! Design a primary logo, and either a secondary logo or wordmark, along with two uniform sets for a baseball team based in Havana, Cuba. You pick the name, colors, etc.

  • The selected uniform template must display both the front and the back of the jersey.
  • One uniform set must be white (home) while the other uniform set can be any team color you like, or grey.

DEADLINE: Monday, October 24th, 11:59 AM Eastern Time


Failure to follow the guidelines could result in your entry being inadvertently (or intentionally) excluded from judging.

Entries must be emailed to logolympiad (@) gmail (dot) com prior to the set deadline. Subject line should be the event number (Ex: Event 1). Once you submit your entry, it is considered final.

Entries must be submitted as .jpg, .gif or .png formats. The file name format of the submission is: event#_yourusername.extension (Ex: event1_pollux.png). The file must be attached to your email.

All final entries must be 800x600 pixels with at least 70 pixels of white space at the bottom of the image. This means that your presentation has to fit in a 800x530 pixels window (800 pixels wide by 530 pixels high). I will NOT re-size entries that are not properly done, so make sure it's right.

The background of the entries should be solid white, unless otherwise specified. You must not use gradients, shadows, patterns, lines, etc. on your background.

Do not include your name or any other personal identifiers on your submission. Also, do not watermark your work. I will add a watermark to each entry before they get posted for judging. I will also provide each entry with a number. You are expected to keep the identity of your entry anonymous until the end of the event. If you think you know the identity of another designer, keep it to yourself. Anyone who exposes the identity of themselves or anyone else will be DQ'd.

I will NOT contact you if your entry is wrong, therefore make sure that you comply to these guidelines before submitting your entry.

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I know it states that we need a primary along with a secondary/wordmark, but are we allowed to have more than two logos? (one for primary, cap logo, sleeve patch, etc)

Cap logo is fine, but it is the only one I will allow other than the primary and secondary/wordmark.

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Should the primary/secondary logos and uniforms be labeled or does it matter?

What about blown up details of the uniform?

No labels are necessary. You could use different sizes to show the importance of the logos. For the uniforms, as long as there is one white uniform, the other one can be as you wish, so again, no labeling is necessary. The ultimate criteria is to evaluate the package as a whole, not as separate elements.

No blown up details of the uniforms. The template size isn't that big so it should not be cluttered anymore than necessary.

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