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Northwestern Wildcats 'Surprise' Uniform


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Well, UniWatch has stated that they believe the Wildcats will be unveiling a special uniform this weekend against Penn State. Penn State will be wearing a lot of white, and with the current trend in football we have reason to believe Northwestern might be inclined to use a whole lot of black. I didn't go full blackout with this uni, but I did use NU's first black helmet, matte finish of course, because its 2011 and that's what we do. The two jerseys on the right are from this website. I tried to make the famous Northwestern stripes in unique ways on this uni, across the chest like the 1909 uni and sideways on the pants instead of from top to bottom. The font is that of the Chargers, as I feel it fits really well with the N from the logo. Speaking of the logo, I decided to use the N/cat logo on the helmet instead of just the N, another first.

Let me know what you think, I'm open to suggestions and will be tinkering with this, if good enough response I might try reworking the entire B1G.


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I'm a huge 'Cats fan and this is what I wrote yesterday on UW in response to this news:

OK, so this particular news frightens and excites me. For the Black Unis, (against U of I at Wrigley and this year against UM) I predicted NU would wear black because their current jersey set is so similar 95-96 and the black pants were a give away that black was prolly in the makings.

I went to both black jersey games and wore my actually-from-1995 #24 Darnell Autry black jersey (read: my older brother’s jersey, my children’s size jersey from 95 barely fits but only because I weigh 150 pounds) to both games because I figured NU would want to wear the “tougher” black jerseys (I think this is complete BS, but athletes don’t) for the biggest/primetime games of their seasons.

So with the Cats in need of a win, and the fact that they only wear white, purple or black and we’ve seen all three of those iterations so far, I can only think of two likely possibilities.

1. Throwback/Fauxback: I’m ok with this (this is a recent fauxback I did, here is a throwback to '73, here is a throwback to '76 and here is a throwback to '79 - all done by me) but other than '95-'96 or maybe 2000 I don’t know what you’d throwback to that was a winning era.

2. Gray Alternate: Wildcats, especially NU’s mascot Willie, are gray. Gray is the new BFBS and I really don’t want the Cats to buy into this fad, but they bought in to BFBS pretty hard in the early 90s when that was just beginning to become popular.

It could be a third option, but I would be pretty surprised if it isn’t one of those two options.

Not to detract from your concept at all, I just would be shocked if it isn't either a fauxback to a specific uniform or era, and if it is a combo of new and old, I would think they don't change their iconic purple helmet with the White 'N'.

But who knows...

You did come up with a very unique take for your concept, though.

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I think this is a downgrade. Adding silver to the stripes was not a good idea, because it practically negates the point of putting silver around the numbers-- now it just looks crowded to me. I would keep the stripes sublimated, and only keep the purple. Otherwise, I can't see this working very well.

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I like the addition of gray to the numbers/facemask, but I think you should keep the stripes in sublimated purple and take the gray stripes out. To me, the gray makes the stripes make more prominent, to the point that I feel like the numbers should be vertically centered ON the stripes (obviously that wouldn't work with the pro combat template).

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