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Everett's New Indoor Team


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Most every one here could've done better. How hard is it to have a bird as a raptor?

Since there's a bird of prey already portrayed within the IFL logo, then I understand why Everett's choice of a dinosaur as opposed to utilizing another bird of prey in their logo makes sense. However, I don't understand the dinosaur connection to the area, unless there's a dinosaur park nearby?

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I haven't chimed in for a while on here, but this one actually angers me. This name and logo are pathetic. It's just so derivative it's ridiculous. And it has nothing to do with Everett or Snohomish County and just reeks of a team that won't be around very long and won't be a good investment for anybody's season ticket money or advertising dollar.

I'm also curious about what kind of mess (if any) the Seattle Timberwolves are leaving behind in Kent and what kind of mess the same owner and front office might make in Everett. Seems fishy that they think they can make a go of it in Everett but not in Kent.

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It would be decent (for low level indoor football) if it weren't for those claws!

However, this is the worst indoor football logo ever.


They played out of St. Charles, MO. Missouri is the "show-me" state and the guy that owned him was inspired to name them that after he heard the song "I'm a Believer."

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