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ATL Hawks


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When I first joined these forums, I posted a Hawks concept here and it was pretty bad. Now, with more experience I've redone the concept and I think it came out much better. I've had this done for a long time but was waiting to finish my MLB Series.

It's supposed to combine the idea of the classic Hawks uni's with the color strip and the Seattle Sonics soundwave. Bringing back the classic colors, red and yellow.


C&C Please!

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Not bad at all.

As mentioned above, you should try to even out that shorts stripe.

Also, I'm not feeling that alt uni, I think there's just a little too much yellow there (and not a very attractive yellow at that).

I think that changing the ATL script across the chest from yellow to white would help balance it out a bit (Even though that would make the uniform set less related because the script and numbers on the home and road unis are different colors)

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I like the start of this (especially the colors), but 2 things jump out at me:

- Make the Hawk logo on the shorts consistent.

- There is too much room between the wordmarks and the collar on the front. I think if players were actually wearing these, the numbers would be halfway tucked down their pants depending on the player.

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Moved up the numbers on all of the jerseys. Filled in the Hawks logo on the shorts. Biggest change is I dropped the yellow jersey and added a lime green and blue jersey with the ATL script. I felt that the yellow alt was not necessary because yellow was never a major part of the Hawks color scheme. While I'm normally not a fan of having alternates with totally different color schemes, the fauxback was too cool not to do, in my opinion.



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