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Don takes on MLB


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After reading this forum and posting some soccer related stuff for a while, I thought I'd try my hand at making some concepts for American sports and there's nothing more American (at least according to the tele) than baseball.

For starters, I've gone with teams familiar to me Oakland (same city as the NBA's Warriors) and Chicago White Sox (I have a cap). I kind of wanted both sets to be a mix of the old and now, with the White Sox old logo and the lighter green for Oakland.

Oakland 1st

White Sox 1st



Credit to the creator of these templates as seen here.

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Those are actually really good! Though I'm not sold on the Sox's cap logo, I think it looks a bit too crowded. Either the player or the "SOX" would do just fine (the player would prob. be better because "SOX" is already on the jersey). The Oakland home is terrific as well. Oh, and is the 2nd road for the A's supposed to be dark grey/charcoal or black?

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The whole Oakland A's set is beautiful. Looks just like 1960's baseball. If the road #2 jersey had white pants, it would be perfect, especially with the white cap.

Very clean job on the Sox too. I love the white lettering on the road, but I'm not too sold on the white cap. Looks good on the white and black jerseys, but not so much on the gray. Still a 10/10 for both. I hope you make more.

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I have made some changes to the first two sets.

For Baltimore, I liked the colour balance of cream and orange rather than white. The charcoal outfit is a bit more of an experiment.

Baltimore 1st

Altered Baltimore, with white and grey hat.


Put the "Baltimore" script on the road uni and you got something great.

I love the callback to John McGraw's black O's uni as well.

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The Phillies look great, though I think the alt would look better without the black on the hat and a white outline on the wording.

Totally agree.

The White Sox hat is also incredible.

Disagree. The Sox batter-man logo is dated, and doesn't really have any relevance to Chicago or to Socks. Objectively it's a very nice hat, if it were for a team called the "Chicago Baseball Players" or something.

Overall great job on all of these, it's really nice to see concepts with a fresh perspective behind them.

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Love the lighter green for the A's, too many teams (Jets, Eagles) have gone away from an appealing shade of green. And the maroon Phils always get a prop from me. Waaaay too many red teams in baseball.

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Don't like the inclusion of black, and you should tweak the way the alt helmet looks. I know it's supposed to match the hat, but it should extend to the middle of the top. Look at this for reference. Other than that, terrific job!


Great concept as well. I love the sleeves.

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