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Adobe products question


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We should have a seperate board for stupid questions like this...

So I'm working on drawing up some stuff in Illustrator and I get it just how I want it to add to something I'm working on in Photoshop.  I save it in Illustrator and open up the .ai file in Photoshop and somehow the colors have changed.  I don't mean that they look different, I mean the CMYK values are different.  When I open it back un in Illustrator, everything is fine.  How does that happen and how can I stop it?


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there is a way to make illustrator/photoshop alert you when there isnt a rgb imbedded profile.  then you can go and click leave as is, and it wont mess with it.  i dont know how to make things without profiles, but it always asks me.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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