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Random thoughts on this past weekend - I miss the Browns orange pants. I guess I got used to them when I was a kid and still miss them.

The Bears "stripe on the cuff" is a lot easier to see on the orange and white jerseys. Has anyone besides Kyle Orton worn a jersey for them with all 3 stripes screened onto the sleeves since 2003 or so?

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If there was ever a good reason to not wear white at home, we saw it in Cleveland yesterday. It allows the opposition to wear a mono monstrosity.



Uglier than ugly. You can do so much with orange and brown. Especially on a football team when football is played in the Fall. Perfect Fall colors. This team needs an update. The fans need to except a new change. They have been rebuilding every sad season for the past 12 years. Change is needed.

If I didn't know better, I'd say that dark color on their uniforms was black. If I was given a chance to fix the browns, I'd lighten the brown, go back to white facemasks, go back to striped brown socks for when they wear the brown jersey (which should happen next year once Shurmur gets fired), and go back to the skinny pants stripe.

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da Bears

da Bears

da Bears.

Please stop


I don't break any rules & regulations when posting on this board, nor do I edit out parts of peoples postings when using the reply button as you've done.

If you don't like how or what I write, TOO :censored: BAD!!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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