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All-Time Basketball Draft SELECTIONS Thread


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1. pmoehrin - New Jersey Nets

2. Lights Out - Los Angeles Clippers

3. Eye - Talk 'N Text Phone Pals

4. Billy B - Spirits of St. Louis

5. infared41 - Kentucky Colonels

6. AnythingChicago - Chicago Bulls

7. fnz - Cincinnati Royals

8. CS85 - Indiana Pacers

9. MDC - Atlanta Hawks

10. NJTank - Flint Tropics

11. mania - Baltimore Bullets

12. Griffinmarlins - San Antonio Spurs

13. sc49erfan15 - Charlotte Bobcats

After every round, I will post the Google Document of who's been selected so far.

pmoehrin, you are on the clock.

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Sorry for the delay.

Had a hell of a trip getting back from Boston, spun out along the Merritt Parkway and saw a guy flip his car over not five minutes later.

With the first pick I'm going with the guy who I think is the greatest player of All-Time.

C-Wilt Chamberlain


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If it were anyone else making the pick, I'd say I was shocked that a certain guard from UNC didn't go #1. As soon as I saw pmoehrin had the first pick, I thought "well, Lights Out is going to be thrilled." (Now watch LO make a fool out of me and pick a certain PF from Oklahoma.) B)

Anyway, interesting pick, pmoehrin.

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Indiana Pacers select PG "Pistol" Pete Maravich.


A gamble pick to be certain, but I have faith we can build around Pistol, arguably the greatest ball handler that ever lived (waits for sexual innuendo joke).

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