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Eliminating the Traditional


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I was off photoshop for a bit and I wanted to explore a MLB recolor, so I kinda got to it tonight cause there wasn't really much to do. because as everyone knows, there's a lot of red/white/blue teams out there that could mix up the colors a bit. so I did a few teams eliminating a few traditional RWB color schemes, and then did a few extra of my own that I thought would be interesting.


C & C appreciated and maybe I'll do a few more or jerseys or something.

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On just a couple,

Twins- went from purple/gold to red/green, so from went Vikings to Wild :P

Texas- Swapped up the light brown for a burnt orange, I thought it would add a little contrast without wandering from a Texas theme.

Nats- put an emphasis on the blue instead, and made silver the secondary. looks cleaner and classier.


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I think the Twins with Purple and Gold can work, but it needs to be a brighter gold. Metallic Gold meshes awfully with purple. And I simply dislike Christmas Color teams, truth be told, outside of the Wild themselves (and even then they have more than just the Red and Green). That said:

Braves - I think it works, but careful trading RWBlue teams for RWBlack teams.

Rockies - I don't see a need to change their scheme to be honest and I agree the greenish brown just doesn't work. Maybe purple with the sky blue? Dunno how well that'd work in the end but...

Angels - Teal is definitely not an Angels color, sorry to say. Past that, I do wonder what would be a good distinctive color combo that still says 'Angels' since that escapes me.

Diamondbacks - It looks better with the Sand, but Sand is awful as anything more than an accent color, so I dunno. I might agree that they may as well go with the old Purple and Teal.

Astros - Logo looks good in the classic Astros colors, but then we'll have a host of teams with the Blue and Orange going on too. I think going back to their 90s Blue and Metallic Gold should be an option.

Miami - Much better than the genuine article, that's for certain. I'd worry how busy the uniforms might look though with that color combo, but just for the logo, definitely nice.

Phillies - The two-tone red works. Come to think of it, are there any current color schemes that actually use two-tone colors in anything outside of blue?

Texas - Hrm...I think I like the second one better, but it also feels like those should be the Padres' colors rather than the Rangers'.

Washington - Hrm.....I think I like the Red and Gold better, and the Blue and Silver might be better suited for maybe the Rockies, if you're really serious about changing up their colors.

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